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Candy Stripes

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Behind the voice

Samantha Norbury

Samantha was classically trained as a theater actor/singer and has been lucky enough to work with wonderful vocal coaches and engineers as she continues to perfect her craft of voice acting. She was raised in a multi-cultural family with one side of her family being Yaqui Native American and the other of European decent. This unique upbringing combined with her immigrating from California to the English countryside as an adult, has given her a profound respect for different cultures, their rich histories, and how they influence our lives and the stories we tell.


She records clean punch and roll, is extremely professional, and believes in consistent communication throughout her recording process. She has a strong respect for the seriousness of deadlines and how they impact the entire production team and always does everything she can to make sure she delivers a top tier performance on schedule.


As a writer and lover of stories herself, Samantha is extremely passionate about performing the author's truth and bringing a story to life in an authentic and genuine way. This passion comes through in her performances and clients and listeners alike are thrilled with her ability to connect to the target audience.

Whether you are looking for conversational, energetic, youthful, calm, knowledgable, heroic, hilarious, snarky, soothing, sassy,  or any other range of emotions, Samantha Norbury is the voice you've been looking for.

Pink Feathers

What's in a name

Dahlia Summers

The pseudonym Dahlia Summers is lovingly used for spicy romance audiobooks. Same voice, same quality, just with a bit more steam ❤️

Dahlia Summers Audiobook Narrator

Proudly working with

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Studio specs

Candy Stripes

Samantha has a broadcast quality home studio


Twisted Wave

iZotope RX9 Standard


Focusrite Scarlett  2i2


Rode NT1

Live Direction

Source Connect, ISDN, Cleanfeed, Bodalgo 


Image by 🇸🇮 Janko Ferlič


Can perform convincingly for an extended period of time




American west coast
American general southern
British cockney
British RP


Can perform convincingly in smaller segments




American east coast

Clients say

Library Bookshelves_edited.jpg
Audiobook narrator review
" Wow, just wow! I am getting sucked into it, like I actually didn't even write the book"

Melissa Gowdy Baldwin, Author of The Marriage Wars

Listeners say

Image by Benjamin Raffetseder
Image by Carli Jeen
"The narrator did such a great job of bringing these characters to life! I’m EXTREMELY picky when it comes to narration...The accents were spot on and the tone when the characters were angry or sarcastic was exactly what I would picture in my head if I was hearing it on the big screen!" 

Carley Fortson - ARC reviewer

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